Miss St Helena Photoshoot

Just before Christmas I had the privilege of a photo-shoot with Sinead Green, non other than Miss St Helena. This was an opportunity for me to practice and enter a place I had not done before, fashion photography. Sinead is not a professional, but she has had some experience of photo-shoots before, and in her role of Miss St Helena is comfortable in front of a camera.

We went up to High Knoll Fort and arriving early I set up my lighting and waited nervously. I needn’t of been nervous at all, Sinead was fantastic and put me at ease. I explained to her that I was no pro, and that if I spent half my time fumbling around not really knowing what I was doing, that was because I didnt really know what I was doing, this was a whole new ball game._MG_8633-Edit-2

_MG_8658-Edit_MG_8599-Edit_MG_8609-Edit-EditThe shoot went well in the more shaded parts of the Fort, with easy, subtle ambient lighting, but I wanted to challenge myself and shoot directly into the setting sunlight. This proved to be difficult, and full or errors. At the time I did not know what I was doing wrong, but the shoot served its purpose after I went away and figured things out, where I went wrong and what to change next time.

Still, at the end of the day the point of photography is to take some nice pictures, and I think I accomplished that. I went away and tried a bit of editing, with some new techniques and with an attempt to experiment with different styles, colours and moods. They are not without fault, and I have a long way to go, but for my first ever fashion type shoot, I could not be more pleased. 2015 High Knoll Fort,  St Helena, 2016… London, Paris, Milan, or maybe Ill just stay here for now!!!


Not a usual pose or shot but I wanted to try something different with a bit of drama!




This was just a test shot, to check my lights were working,  hence the crop isnt great, but I loved it.



So many technical errors, but I think it works??


Blown out highlights and not enough light on the subject, but it looks nice!



1960’s postcard?


3 thoughts on “Miss St Helena Photoshoot

  1. Great shots, Paul. I like the one with the sea best, the one with arms spread against the wall and the first lying on her back. She is a pretty girl and I prefer ones without obvious manipulation of effects, but I’m not the pic editor of Vogue. My judgement is subjective – I like the shot with sea in the background because it brings back fond memories of late afternoon light on sea from Half Tree Hollow, where the sea glimmered like silk. Keep experimenting! Bronwyn

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