About Paul

I am happily married to Beverley and have two young boys, Oliver 6 and Charlie 3. I have a background and training in Marine Biology and Aquaculture and my career has focussed primarily on public aquariums, and I was,  until recently, curator at the World Museum in Liverpool, UK. We have moved to the Island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean to start a new life after my incredible wife applied for and was given a job as a Marine Science Advisory teacher, tasked with introducing Marine Biology to the secondary school curriculum.

As for me, I like to class myself as retired, which sounds distinctly better than unemployed. Besides being a Dad, home maker and conservation volunteer (I hope) I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer and hope to tell our story in words and pictures. Starting out with basic second hand equipment, an enthusiasm for learning new skills, and some you tube tutorials all sourced a month before moving out here,  I will see where this passion takes me over the next two years. Who knows, when we leave I may be able to take it further and become the next David Bailey. I hope you enjoy the photographs and the story of our journey on one of the most remote inhabited Islands on Earth.

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts, I really welcome the feedback good and bad. Thinking of traveling to St Helena and want to know more, or on your way and like to meet up to have a start point on the Island, then please get in touch using the contact form below. St Helena has limited internet connection but Ill do my best to respond quickly.

You can also purchase full resolution copies of my photos, just give me a shout.



8 thoughts on “About Paul

  1. Paul, I was alerted to your blog via a FB posting by Barbara George of the SHG. I spent three months on the Island in 2001 presenting a variety of courses for the SHG and had a wonderful time while there. I stayed at Harris’ Guest House and can identify with the various stories that I enjoyed over a cup of tea this morning. I look forward to the postings as time goes by ……

    Have a great day and regards to you all,


    Karel van der Molen
    Extraordinary Lecturer
    School of Public Leadership
    Stellenbosch University
    South Africa


  2. Hi, I am a st helenian, lived in half tree hollow among the cacti, moved away 15yrs ago unfortunately sold my home on st helena to live in the uk, and although I would love to go back home, its not possible, so following your blog keeps me close, thank you x


    • Hi Angela, I’m so happy that my blog helps, perhaps when the airport opens it will become and option for you to move back of at least travel here, its a unique place as you know.


  3. Hi, I am italian but currently living in Australia with my partner. I have always been dreaming about moving to Saint Helena and hopefully one day I will do it. Thanks for this blog, its really interesting and inspirational.
    Hope tu meet you and your family on the island, one day.


      • Thank you, this blog is just amazing, the more I read the more I want to go to Saint Helena. I hope and I am sure you and your family are making the greatest memories on the island, what a wonderful experience, your kids will be forever grateful to you for it.


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