Studio Photoshoot

Ok, so I realise my last and this blog have little to do with St Helena, but they are part of my life here and as this is my life in pictures it constitutes part of my life on St Helena.

I have done a few studio shoots now, but this was my first that involved a model, just one person, a very beautiful young model, and as it happen baby sitter to Oliver and Charlie, who asked me to do a studio shoot with her.

Given that this was my first attempt at anything like this Im thrilled with the result, not much more to say, but please enjoy the photos._MG_0994-Edit_MG_1021-Edit_MG_0918-Edit_MG_0941-Edit_MG_0950-Edit_MG_0984-Edit_MG_0994-Edit-2_MG_0984-Edit-2_MG_0998-Edit_MG_0931-Edit_MG_0950-Edit-2_MG_1005-Edit_MG_0957-Edit_MG_1012-Edit_MG_0998-Edit-2_MG_1005-Edit-2_MG_0957-Edit-2_MG_1013-Edit_MG_0968-Edit_MG_0974-Edit