6 thoughts on “GOPR1867

      • I have been getting your regular blog by email for a couple of months now or so. I had found your website by accident, and sent you a letter as I have been keen to go to St. Helena for a couple of years. (And you kindly replied – thanks!) And I envy you getting the chance to have one final trip on RMS St.Helena.
        Regards, Helen Eldridge (Johannesburg).


  1. Hi Helen, Yes I realised it was you its not a big issue, but my question is where did you see these particular whale shark pictures as they havent been published on any of my blgo entries yet. Could you attach a link to the page where you have seen these, they should be viewable yet so if you have seen them I or wordpress have done something wrong?


    • They were on your series of photos dated 24 May which mainly covered the St.Helena celebrations. I had initially clicked on one of the egg and spoon race (MG0045) continuing with other races (Well done Bev!) and the fashion show, up to MG9996. It continues with about 13 photos (starting with DSC00739) of general scuba diving and the fabulous pics of fish. It continues after that with GOPR1707 and a further 44 or so pics of the amazing ones of the whale shark and the enormous ray. So it seems you or WordPress didn’t cut off the sequence at the right point. And if I saw them, unfortunately so have a lot of people who get your blog. But although you are no doubt a bit upset about this, can I say that not only are the whale shark and ray photos amazing, I must say that to see those creatures and swim with them must be an experience you will never ever forget. Awesome! You are so so lucky. (Are whale sharks frequent visitors to the seas round St.H?)

      I hope you can take those photos off your blog. There are so many in that sequence that, with a bit of luck, not many readers got that far. Good luck.

      Regards, Helen.


      • Not too worry, as you will of seen they are published now anyway. I just hadnt wanted them to come out in that article. Never mind and thanks for clearing it up.


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