Warning, explicit material, parental guidance is advised!!

A bonus blog this week. I took a trip to a local disused fort and took some photos. Those of you who know the Island will know Mundens, if you don’t, this is an old Fort, updated during the second war and since left to ruin. A fascinating place full of mystery and intrigue and a lively sense of artistry from local youths down the years. This is not meant as a history lesson, but the fort was built, in several stages by the East India Trading company back in the 1860s and consisting of barracks, gun placements, search lights and other support buildings. It was last used in military terms in 1956 and 1961 to house three Bahraini political prisoners, Since the 1970s it has deteriorated but at the same time has become a tapestry for graffiti. Some of which comes with a health warning! To find out more about this, and other historical sites on the Island check out this very informative website.


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